About the Show

Welcome to Coffee With Tracey, a full strength blend of hot topics! I am your host, Tracey Osborne, I want to take a moment and just share with you what to expect from Coffee With Tracey.

Coffee With Tracey is a twice a week podcast. The guests that join me on the show are experts in business and life.

My guests have walked the path and made mistakes so you don’t have to!

Together we share with you our wisdom, our experience, and our tips for being a high achiever.

I started this show in 2009 as a way of meeting amazing experts, learning from them and being able to take their experience and apply it to my world.

When my business took off, I had to put the show on hiatus.

I missed the show. I missed meeting new people and learning so much from them.

When I started talking about bringing the show back, I had so many high achievers asking to come on and share their message with you, that I decided I’d needed to produce two shows per week.

What to Expect

Each week on Tuesday and Thursday you can expect a new show. Shows average around 30 minutes. Some will be longer and others shorter. But the outcome is the same…

Powerful messages and tips you can take away and immediately implement in your world.

My passion has always been helping others. It’s why I became a virtual assistant. It’s why I bring you this show.

Thank you for allowing me into your world, and I look forward to having you in mine.

Enjoy the show.


About Tracey Osborne

Tracey Osborne is known as The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon™.

After specializing in the Virtual Assistant industry for almost a decade, Tracey coaches and teaches women how to use the skills they have to create a money-making machine working from home as a Virtual Professional.

Tracey is the author of Becoming a VA; The Key to Unlocking the Virtual Assistant Industry. She is a powerful and dynamic speaker and is relaunching her weekly podcast, Coffee With Tracey in April 2017.

In her spare time, Tracey can be found training in the gym for her first bodybuilding competition or her next Spartan-style obstacle race. She’s an avid hiker and is often found in the woods of Georgia with her husband, youngest kids and of course their beloved dogs, Rylie and Molson.