Change is terrifying. I think that’s why so many of us are reluctant to change ourselves and change our lives.

I’ve been on a big journey of self-discovery as of late, and finding out who my true authentic self really is.

My guest, Necole Turner did the same thing and it was a pivotal moment in her life.

Join us and learn how self-discovery and embracing change leads to transitioning forward into your authentic self.

Check out her book.

About Necole:

Necole F. Turner is an author, speaker and change facilitator from a small town in Alabama. Her motto of “the best thing that we have to offer is the gift of knowledge to all we encounter” is something that applies in her everyday life. Her company “Innovative Butterfly” serves as a creative outlet for her writings and helps others develop strategies to empower themselves in life and in business. In addition, she serves as VP of Marketing and Recruiting at EX3 Books, “The Empowerment Publishing Company”. Her passion and heart’s mission is to help young girls realize their inner beauty with her flagship program “The Beautiful Butterfly Project” and speaks to middle and high school girls in metro Atlanta.

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