Having gone through most of my life with very low self-esteem, it’s been a struggle trying to believe in myself when it comes to my business.

I have days where I truly wonder just what the heck I’m doing…I’m not cut out for this. I’m not smart enough, savvy enough…the list goes on.

And then I have days where I know I can kick butt and take names. Those are the days where I feel empowered and self-assured.

I think pretty much everyone has those up and down days…but it’s tough to not let those down days take over.

I want you to meet my new BFF, Sacha! We had an amazing connection on this call. Sacha is a survivor of domestic abuse (as am I) and she learned that creating a business helped to create empowerment. But not only that, she found the healing and sense of purpose she so desperately needed…through entrepreneurship.

Don’t miss it…

About Sacha:

Sacha is a professional time-saver who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs liberate their time without the investment of a full-time employee. This allows them to focus on what is most important – the growth of their business.

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