I’ve been involved in event planning and oh my gosh is it a ton of work! I’ve even thought about putting on my own live events, but the thought of trying to plan one has me curled up in a ball in the corner.

Luckily, our guest this week, Knakeesha Samuels, has this down to a science!

In this episode, she shares with us:

  • Why having an end goal is crucial
  • How to walk through and start planning your event
  • Some dos and don’ts to watch out for
  • And way more!

If you are thinking about having an event, becoming an event planner or just helping with an event, this is the episode for you!

About Knakeesha:

Knakeesha Samuels -aka TheeSilentK

Self proclaimed foodie, event guru, creative and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping others. I am super passionate about making people’s visions reality and most of all practical fun!

“I love to make the things about networking, events, business

and marketing that may seem like a daunting tasks into

creative, fun and even easy going experiences.”

CEO/Founder of Karisma Event Agency
Creative Director of How To Run In Heels
Event Manager at The Affiliate 32805 Events
My mission is to push the 3 things I love & resonate with most- small businesses/entrepreneurship, women empowerment and young professional networking

My extensive background in hospitality, events, sales & marketing ignited my passion to build Karisma in 2015. After a slight re ­- branding in early 2016 I have built Karisma Event Agency into a boutique consulting and event management firm. I later went on to create How To Run In Heels to promote women empowerment and provide the tools that powerful women need to succeed, and in conjunction with Lift Orlando launched a young professional networking event series called The Affiliate 32805.

Find Online:  Website | Facebook

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