So many entrepreneurs expect their business development to be a straightforward, linear process. Sales, marketing, and business “experts” often exacerbate this perception by offering a step-by-step system as a clear path to success. When these prescriptive systems don’t work, you are left feeling stuck, frustrated, and discouraged.

Instead, learn how to embrace the cyclical, organic nature of growth. Harness the power of iteration to generate unstoppable momentum and to give the business development process structure while maintaining flexibility and sustainability.

​In this episode, I am joined by Amy Simpkins as she introduces us to the ​The Spiral Business Development approach which ​is based on proven engineering design practice used to develop the most cutting edge technologies on the planet. Put it to work for your business to jump start your confidence, focus, and clarity.

About Amy:

Amy Simpkins is a business coach, international speaker, and vision architect. As an MIT-trained rocket scientist, she architected complex missions to outer space. Now she’s applying that proven design methodology and big-picture mindset infused with intuition and magic to help entrepreneurs create fulfilling, high-impact businesses.

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