Often times our lives look good “on paper.” We go, go, go and yet, something is missing, and we feel exhausted.

This happened to me not to long ago. Launching Empowered Fempreneurs, I ran myself into a wall.

Talking with Nancie Vito in this episode, we talk about:

Saying no
Setting boundaries
Taking time for yourself
How to get out of overwhelm
and lots more!

About Nancie:

Nancie Vito is a transformational life coach, public health professional and certified health educator specializing in helping people flourish in life. She works with creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to get unstuck, prevent burnout and take steps towards what they really want. When working with her, clients get out of their own way, step out of their comfort zones and design their dream life.

Since starting her business​ ​F​lourish in 2009, she has been mentioned or ​featured in online publications such as Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Marie Claire UK. She holds a master’s degree in public health with an emphasis on prevention and​ mental health, and is in the process of obtaining a graduate degree in organizational psychology. You can find her at ​http://nancievito.com, where you can take a free burnout quiz and get her free mini-workbook to help you consciously add more joy in your life.

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