Most entrepreneurs create a business in order to create a lifestyle. But many of us don’t actually plan out what we want the life to look like 1, 5 even 10 years down the road.

So we struggle to come up with the right business goals because we haven’t first planned out what we want out of our lives.

We can’t separate ourselves from our personal lives so having a clear idea of what we want in our lives (and why) allows us to create business plans and goals that are not only more achievable, but that make us more motivated to reach.

Lara Wellman shares how spending some time thinking about how much you do or don’t want to work on your business, how much you want to earn (and why) and what success looks like for you can grow your business much more successfully.

I have some planning to do…

About Lara:

Lara Wellman is a certified business coach for small and micro-sized business owners, as well as solopreneurs. She helps people get crystal-clear on their business goals, gives the support they need to reach them, and guides them toward creating the business and life they dream about. Her background in marketing allows her to support business owners in making sure they are investing their time and money into the right marketing efforts to support their overall business goals.

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