I don’t know about you, but I find social media to be incredibly time consuming and at times overwhelming. Yet it’s a necessary evil in the entrepreneur world today.

There are so many opinions on the best way to manage your accounts, what times you should post, how often, etc…it’s enough to make your head swim.

So I reached out to social media coach, Kait LeDonne.

In this episode we talked about social media overwhelm. She shared some tips such as:


  • Why LinkedIn is becoming more popular
  • What platforms your business should be on
  • How to create a social media system (not strategy)
  • And wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more

About Kait:

Kait LeDonne is the Founder and CEO of LeDonne Branding and Marketing. With over 8 years of branding experience, Kait specializes in working with B2B businesses and consultants to clarify their message, refine their image, and attract the right kind of customers using social media strategies that hyper-accelerate brand awareness and amplify credibility. Kait hosts a weekly marketing and branding show and has authored the ebook The Attraction Magnet, which helps small business owners implement key branding methodology to expand their reach and presence. She works with local, regional, and international firms and has been a contributor on television and in national news publications.

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