We all have the same 24 hours in the day. How is it that some people can accomplish so much while others are left staring at their to-do list wondering where the day went?

They’ve mastered the art of productivity.

In this episode I am talking with productivity coach, Lori Rochino. She gives some great tips such as:

  • Creating a morning routine
  • Using the Pomodoro technique
  • Scheduling and productivity tools

If you’re ready to get more time back into your day and cross more tasks off your to-do list, then this is the show for you!

About Lori:

Lori Rochino is based in the greater Philadelphia area where she lives with her family. Her work has appeared in both local and national outlets, such as SUCCESS, Huffington Post, YFS Magazine and Examiner. She’s the author of Fifty Shades of Simple: How to Prioritize in the Age of Information Overload and host of The Simply Designed Life Podcast Series. As a Declutter Coach she helps empower women entrepreneurs overwhelmed with physical clutter in business and life by organizing them from the inside and out.

Find Online:  Website | Twitter | Instagram

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