Ladies (and Gents) it’s time to stop with the stories!

No more:

I’m not good enough.
I’m too fat.
I’m too old.
I can’t do that.
No one will buy.

You know…that line of garbage your doubtful self feeds you on a regular basis.

When you can let go of those made up stories you tell yourself, amazing things happen. New doors open and new opportunities present itself.

A whole new world presents itself…and it’s phenomenal.

Join Tracey and guest, Sherrie Dunlevy and hear Sherrie’s heartwrenching story of losing her baby at 29 days, and how she reclaimed her power and used that experience to help others.

About Sherrie:

This former TV news Anchor and Radio talk show host has recently retired from Broadcasting to launch into her next chapter.. as an Author and speaker. Her book, How Can I Help: Your Go-To Guide for helping Loved One’s through LIfe’s Difficulties was written after she lost her son Brandon. She offers people practical tips and guidance in what to do and say when someone they care about is suffering from loss. Stepping out in love is something she has taken to heart as she finally published the book once she stepped out of the stories she was telling herself and stepped into the possibilities life had to offer. She believes one of the biggest stories we tell is that of the comfort zone. Once she stopped playing life “safe”.. that’s when all the doors started to open. Her book recently became a best-seller on Amazon.

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